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% Draws a 2 or 3 dimensional map of a planet. 
 Turns on mouse driven 3D rotation if mType == '3d'. String inputs are
 not case sensitive. planet is the name of a .mat file with the
 variables planetMap and planetColorMap. 
 You generate the planet data structure like this example for a gray scale
 image of Pluto; the replication of the image map is needed because the png is
 gray scale.

   p = imread('pluto.png');
   p3(:,:,1) = p;
   p3(:,:,2) = p;
   p3(:,:,3) = p;
   planet.planetMap = p3;
   planet.radius = Constant('equatorial radius pluto'); = 'Pluto';

 The planetColorMap is not needed if the planetMap is true color, with
 channels for R, G, B (m x n x 3).
 The radius field may be an array of semimajor axes, (1x3). See Ellipsd.
   p = Map( planet, mType, noNewFig )

   planet        (1,:)    Any planet mat-file name or the structure
   mType         (2,:)   '2d' or '3d', default is '3d'
   noNewFig      (1,1)    If entered, don't create a new figure.

   p             (.)      Planet image data structure



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