Path: Common/Plugins

% Create a time GUI plug in.

   To set the time plugin:
   TimePlugIn( 'set',  h.timePlugInTag, struct( 'jDEpoch', 2.45162380976e+06, 
               'duration', '01:00:00', 'dT', 0.25 ) );  

   Typing TimePlugIn is the same as TimePlugIn('initialize')

   x =  TimePlugIn( action, modifier, hFig, position, callback )

   action      (1,:)  Action 'initialize', 'update'
   modifer     (1,:)  Modifier to the action or data structure if intialization
   hFig        (1,1)  Handle to the figure or if 'update' radio button handles
   position    (1,4)  [left bottom width height]
   callback    (1,:)  Callback string when something has changed in this gui

   x           (1,1)  The tag if action is 'initialize'



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