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% Convert NORAD TLE string into a data structure.
 Can process two or three-line version of elements. Three-line elements
 are determined by a line with a first character that is not a number
 (traditionally the spacecraft's name), example:
 1 16609U 86017A   97059.07924160  .00056468  00000-0  66860-3 0   879
 2 16609  51.6505 274.3828 0011764 122.9249 237.3208 15.60613928629999
   x = ConvertNORAD( a, threeLine )

   a		          (:,1)   Data, file name or string
   threeLine      (1)    Boolean to force three-line format

   x            (n)  Data structure
    .satelliteNumber  Object ID
    .launchYear       Year (part of international designator)
    .launchNumber     Launch number
    .launchpiece      Launch piece
    .epochYear        Two/one digit epoch year
    .epochDay         Epoch day number
    .n0Dot            1st Derivative of the Mean Motion (rad/min^2)
    .n0DDot           2nd Derivative of the Mean Motion
    .bStar            Adjusted ballistic coefficient
    .i0               Inclination (rad)
    .f0               Right Ascension of Ascending Node (rad)
    .e0               Eccentricity
    .w0               Argument of Perigee (rad)
    .M0               Mean Anomaly (rad)
    .n0               Mean Motion (rad/min)

   The following fields are computed from the element data.
    .ballisticCoeff   Ballistic coefficient (m2/kg)
    .julianDate       Epoch Julian date
    .fullLaunchYear   Four digit launch year
    .sma              Semi-major axis (km)
   n          (1,1)   Number of element sets

   t          (3,n)   Time information if present on second line



Common: Time/Date2JD

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