Path: Orbit/OrbitControl

% Perform targeting using the Lambert algorithm.
   Takes the states of two spacecraft at an epoch and a transfer time
   and performs Lambert targeting. Returns the delta-V and a flag for the
   long or short transfer.
   See also LambertTOF.
   [dV,tM,okFlag] = DVTarget(r1,v1,r2,v2,dT)

   r1                 (3,1)  Position of spacecraft 1 (km)
   v1                 (3,1)  Velocity of spacecraft 1 (km/s)
   r2                 (3,1)  Position of spacecraft 2
   v2                 (3,1)  Velocity of spacecraft 2
   dT                 (1)    Transfer time (s)

   dV                (:)     Struct of delta-Vs
                     .a      (3,1) First delta-V (km/s)
                     .b      (3,1) Second delta-V (km/s)
   tM                (1)     Flag: +/-1 for short/long transfer
   okFlag            (1)     Flag: 1 if maneuver is OK, 0 if hits the Earth



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