Path: Orbit/Visualization

% Plot an orbit track in the Earth/Moon System.
   The plots are in the ECI frame. Has a built-in demo for an orbit with an 
   apogee of 400,000 km, a perigee of 7000 km, and a duration of 5 days.
   See also MoonV1, MoonEl.
   EarthMoon( r, jD, scale, rMoon )
   EarthMoon( elements, jD, scale, rMoon )

   r                (3,:) ECI position vectors (km) -or-
                    (1,6) elements
   jD               (:)   Julian dates
   scale            (1,2) Planet scale (optional, default is [1 1])
   rMoon            (3,:) Moon position




Orbit: OrbitCoord/RPRA2AE
SC: BasicOrbit/RVFromKepler
SC: Ephem/MoonEl
SC: Ephem/MoonV1
SC: SCMat/EarthMR
SC: SCMat/Moon
Common: CommonData/SwooshWatermark
Common: General/CellToMat
Common: General/DeBlankLT
Common: General/MatToCell
Common: General/Watermark
Common: Graphics/Axis3D
Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/Plot3D
Common: Graphics/PltStyle
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
Common: Graphics/XLabelS
Common: Graphics/YLabelS
Common: Graphics/ZLabelS
Common: Time/DTSToDTA
Common: Time/Date2JD
Common: Time/JD2000
Common: Time/JD2T
Math: Linear/Mag
Math: Linear/Unit
Math: Trigonometry/CosD
Math: Trigonometry/SinD

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