Path: Orbit/Glideslope

  Guidance trajectory where range rate is proportional to range.
  Calculates inbound and outbound trajectories with a uniform 
  interval of T/N between pulses. Either the period T or the initial
  velocity can be specified. You must provide a final target velocity.
   [dVM, t, x] = GlideslopeGuidance( x0, w, N, T, rTarget, vCommand )

   x0       (6,1)           Initial relative state in LVLH frame
   w          (1)           Orbit rate
   N          (1)           Number of pulses
   T          (1)           Period for glideslope, leave empty to specify
                               the initial commanded velocity instead.
   rTarget  (3,1)           Vector target position in LVLH frame
   vCommand (2,1)           Commanded initial and final velocity

   dVM  (3,N)   Delta-V in LVLH frame
   t    (1,N)   Times to apply the delta-V
   x    (3,N)   State at each delta-V point (before maneuver)



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