Path: Orbit/OrbitMechanics

% Compute ground coverage for an orbit. 
   [lat, lon] = GroundCoverage( xECI, jD, d )

   xECI            (6,1) [r;v]
   jD              (1,1) Julian sdate
   d                (:)    
                         .m    (3,3) Transformation from LVLH to Sensor
                         .fOV        .x  (1,1) angle along x
                                     .y  (1,1) angle along y
                         .e    (3,1) [a;b;c] Dimensions of planet

   lat             (1,4) Latitude of the coverage points
   lon             (1,4) Longitude of the coverage points



AerospaceUtils: Coord/Gc2GdLat
AerospaceUtils: Coord/QLVLH
AerospaceUtils: Coord/R2LatLon
SC: Ephem/EOfE
SC: Ephem/EarthNut
SC: Ephem/EarthPre
SC: Ephem/EarthRot
SC: Ephem/GMSTime
SC: Ephem/MSidDay
SC: Ephem/NutDelta
SC: Ephem/ObOfE
SC: Ephem/TruEarth
Common: CommonData/SwooshWatermark
Common: General/CellToMat
Common: General/MatToCell
Common: General/Watermark
Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/PltStyle
Common: Quaternion/Mat2Q
Common: Quaternion/QTForm
Common: Time/DTSToDTA
Common: Time/Date2JD
Common: Time/JD2000
Common: Time/JD2T
Common: Time/JDToMidnight
Math: Geometry/IntersectLineAndEllipsoid
Math: Linear/Cross
Math: Linear/DupVect
Math: Linear/Mag
Math: Linear/Unit
Math: MathUtils/R2P5
Math: Trigonometry/CosD
Math: Trigonometry/SinD

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