Path: Orbit/GravityModels

% Load the GEMT1 data.
 If there is only one output it will output a data structure.
 GEM is "Goddard Earth Model". GEMT1 dates to 1987.

 Loads the GEMT1 mat-file. Corrects the c(2,1) and s(2,1) coefficients for
 consistency with the IERS Terrestrial reference frame
        gravityModel = LoadGEM( unNorm )
   [sO, c, j, mu, a] = LoadGEM( unNorm )

   unNorm           If any input here generate unnormalized coefficients

   s0       (36,36) S terms  s(n,m) where n and m are degree and order of the model.
   c        (36,36) C terms  c(n,m)
   j        (36)    m = 0 terms
   mu               Spherical gravitational potential
   a                Earth radius


   gravityModel    (.)   Data structure
                         .name (1,:) Model name
                         .mu   (1,1) Gravitational constant (km^3/sec^2)
                         .a    (1,1) Model earth radius (km)
                         .c    (n,n) Cosine coefficients
                         .s    (n,n) Sine coefficients
                         .j    (1,n) Zonal harmonics
                         .isNormalized  (1,1) Boolean

   Reference: Seidelmann, P.K, (ed) (1992). Explanatory Supplement to the
              Astronomical Almanac. University Science Books, Mill Valley, CA.
              pp. 227-233.


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