Path: Orbit/GravityModels

% Load a spherical harmonic gravity model (.geo) from GSFC/U. of Texas at Austin.
 The coefficients returned from this file are normalized by default. Pass true
 for the last argument to unnormalize them.

 This routine works with GEMT1, JGM2 and JGM3. JGM3 is the most accurate
 earth gravitational model currently available. JGM2 is used by Vallado
 in his book. GEMT1 is also available within the toolbox by typing
 LoadGEM. The gravity files all have the suffix '.geo'.

 All these models are publicly available, however, the proper
 authorizations to obtain the GEM-*, JGM-1, and JGM-2 models
 should be directed to NASA/GSFC (Steve Klosko, internet:
 klosko@ccmail.stx.com (Steve Klosko)).  The request for other models
 should be directed to UT/CSR (shum@csr.utexas.edu).

   gravityModel = LoadGravityModel( action, fileName, normalized )

   action          (1,:) 'get url' or 'load file'
   fileName        (1,:) fileName
   isNormalized    (1,1) flag whether to output normalized (default) or not

   gravityModel    (1,1) Data structure
                         .name (1,:) Model name
                         .mu   (1,1) Gravitational constant (km^3/sec^2)
                         .a    (1,1) Model earth radius (km)
                         .c    (n,n) Cosine coefficients
                         .s    (n,n) Sine coefficients
                         .j    (1,n) Zonal harmonics
                         .isNormalized (1,1)   Boolean



Math: Linear/DupVect
Math: Linear/Factorl

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