Path: Orbit/StraightLine

% Fuel mass for a constant accel/exhaust velocity electric propulsion system.
 Assumes constant acceleration with constant exhaust velocity. The power and
 thrust will decrease throughout the trajectory. Flyby and stopping are
 supported. This uses a straight line model.

 Type MassFuelElectricConstantUE for a demo.
      d = MassFuelElectricConstantUE;   % data structure
   dOut = MassFuelElectricConstantUE( d )

   d     	(.)   Data structure
                 See StraightLineDataStructure
   dOut    (.) Data structure with additions
               .a      (1,1) Acceleration (km/s^2)
               .mF   	(1,1) Mass of fuel (kg)
               .p     	(1,2) Initial/final Power (W)
               .thrust	(1,2) Initial/final Thrust (N)
               .uE     (1,2) Exhaust velocity (km/s)
               .mE    	(1,1) Mass of engine (kg)
               .mD     (1,1) Dry mass (kg)
               .dV     (1,1) Velocity change (km/s)

  See also MassFuelElectricConstantPower


AC: ACData/ACTConstants
Orbit: StraightLine/StraightLineConstantAccel
Orbit: StraightLine/StraightLineDataStructure
SC: SCData/sCTConstants
Common: CommonData/Constants
Common: CommonData/SwooshWatermark
Common: CommonData/xSplashSmall
Common: Database/Constant
Common: General/CellToMat
Common: General/DeleteCell
Common: General/MatToCell
Common: General/Watermark
Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/PltStyle
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
Math: Integration/RK4

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