Path: Orbit/OrbitMechanics

% Convert NORAD to Keplerian elements.
   s can be a file name or a string input. The string must have the
   same format as the file for example:

   s = [sprintf('SGPTest \n'),...
   sprintf('1 88888U          80275.98708465  .00073094  13844-3  66816-4 0     8\n'),...
   sprintf('2 88888  72.8435 115.9689 0086731  52.6988  110.5714 16.05824518  105')];

   A file may contain multiple sets of elements.

   [el, name, jD] = NORADToEl( jDStart, jDEnd, nPts, model, s )

   dStart        (1,1)   Days from Epoch of start
   dEnd          (1,1)   Days from Epoch of end
   nPts          (1,1)   Number of points
   model         (1,:)   Model type 'SGP', 'SGP4', 'SDP4', 'SGP8', 'SGD8'
   s             (1,:)   File name or string containing the two line elements
                           * includes demo

   el            (:,6)   Elements vector [a,i,W,w,e,M]
   name          {:}     Satellite name
   jD            (1,1)   Julian day number



AC: ACData/ACTConstants
AerospaceUtils: Coord/R2LatLon
Orbit: OrbitCoord/ConvertNORAD
Orbit: OrbitCoord/SLR
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/NORAD
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/PropagateTLE
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/RVOrbGen
Orbit: Visualization/OrbTrack
SC: BasicOrbit/CP2I
SC: BasicOrbit/E2M
SC: BasicOrbit/E2Nu
SC: BasicOrbit/M2E
SC: BasicOrbit/M2EApp
SC: BasicOrbit/M2EEl
SC: BasicOrbit/M2EHy
SC: BasicOrbit/Nu2E
SC: BasicOrbit/Nu2M
SC: BasicOrbit/Period
SC: BasicOrbit/RV2El
SC: Ephem/ECIToPlanet
SC: Ephem/EOfE
SC: Ephem/EarthNut
SC: Ephem/EarthPre
SC: Ephem/EarthRot
SC: Ephem/GMSTime
SC: Ephem/MSidDay
SC: Ephem/MoonRot
SC: Ephem/Moons
SC: Ephem/NutDelta
SC: Ephem/ObOfE
SC: Ephem/TruEarth
SC: SCData/sCTConstants
SC: SCMat/EarthMR
SC: Visualization/PlotPlanet
Common: CommonData/Constants
Common: CommonData/SwooshWatermark
Common: CommonData/xSplashSmall
Common: Database/Constant
Common: General/CellToMat
Common: General/DeBlankLT
Common: General/DeleteCell
Common: General/MatToCell
Common: General/Watermark
Common: Graphics/Axis3D
Common: Graphics/Ellipsd
Common: Graphics/Map
Common: Graphics/Mesh2
Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/PltStyle
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
Common: Graphics/TitleS
Common: Graphics/XLabelS
Common: Graphics/YLabelS
Common: Graphics/ZLabelS
Common: Time/DTSToDTA
Common: Time/Date2JD
Common: Time/JD2000
Common: Time/JD2Array
Common: Time/JD2T
Common: Time/JDToMidnight
Common: Time/T2JD
Math: Linear/Cross
Math: Linear/DupVect
Math: Linear/Mag
Math: Linear/Unit
Math: MathUtils/R2P5
Math: Trigonometry/CosD
Math: Trigonometry/SinD

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