Path: Orbit/LowEnergyManeuver

% Propagate an arbitrary CRTBP with origin at the secondary body.
 The default bodies are the earth and sun. It can propagate just the dynamical
 equations or the state transition matrix. These are nondimensional equations. 

 This is a special case of the general three-body problem where the primary and
 secondary bodies move in circular orbits about the common center of mass, and
 the effect of the gravitational attraction of the smallest body (i.e. a moon)
 is ignored. Propagation is done using

 Type PropagateCRTBP for a demo of the Earth/Sun system.
   [t, y] = PropagateCRTBP(y0,t0,tF,mu,stmcalc)

   y0             (6,1)	Current state vector [r;v], nondimensional
   t0             (1,1)	Initial time
   tF             (1,1)	Final time
   mu             (1,1)	CRTBP mass parameter, muS/(muS+muP)
   stmcalc        (1,1)	true if propagating the STM, false otherwise

   t               (1,:)	Time vector
   y               (6,:) State vector



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