Path: Orbit/OrbitSim

% Propagate n-bodies in an n-body problem.
 Inputs are the initial state vector, the time vector and the
 gravitational parameters.

 The demo is earth orbit and another for Alpha-Centauri
 including A and B and a hypothetical planet
 at 1 AU from Alpha-Centauri A.
 This function includes the right-hand-side and uses ode113 for
   x = PropagateNBody( x0, t, mass, name, tol, eps )

   x0             (6*n,1)  State vector [r;v;r;v;r;v...]
   t              (1,:)    Time vector 
                  (1,:)    Masses
   name           {:}      Name of body
   tol            (1,2)    [abs rel]
   x              (6*n,:) 	State vector


AC: ACData/ACTConstants
Orbit: OrbitCoord/RPRA2AE
SC: BasicOrbit/CP2I
SC: BasicOrbit/E2Nu
SC: BasicOrbit/El2RV
SC: BasicOrbit/M2E
SC: BasicOrbit/M2EApp
SC: BasicOrbit/M2EEl
SC: BasicOrbit/M2EHy
SC: BasicOrbit/M2Nu
SC: BasicOrbit/M2NuPb
SC: SCData/sCTConstants
Common: CommonData/Constants
Common: CommonData/SwooshWatermark
Common: CommonData/xSplashSmall
Common: Database/Constant
Common: General/CellToMat
Common: General/DeBlankLT
Common: General/DeleteCell
Common: General/DispWithTitle
Common: General/MatToCell
Common: General/Watermark
Common: Graphics/AssignColors
Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/PltStyle
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
Common: Graphics/TitleS
Math: Linear/DupVect
Math: Linear/Mag

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