Path: Orbit/StraightLine

% Compare a constant-thrust mission to optimal linear acceleration
 First find the constant-thrust solution for a given distance, time, and engine
 configuration. The compute the equivalent optimal mission in two cases: 
  1. the fuel is 100% consumed and the trip is shorter; 
  2. the trip is the same duration and the saved fuel mass can be extra

 See also: Straight2DStructure, ComputeThrust, SLPLFindDuration, 
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   All rights reserved.
   Since version 2020.2


Orbit: StraightLine/SLPLDataStructure
Orbit: StraightLine/SLPLFindMass
Orbit: StraightLine/SLPLSolver
Orbit: StraightLine/SLPLTrajectory
Orbit: StraightLine/SimulateStraightLineTrajectory
Common: Database/Constant
Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
DFDMissions: Straight2D/ComputeThrust
DFDMissions: Straight2D/Straight2DStructure

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