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% Finds duration, ideal power-limited rocket, straight-line trajectory
 This is analytic except in the case of a finite, nonzero vF, in which case
 fzero is used.
 Power limit is the only constraint; thrust and exhaust velocity can go to
 zero or infinity. Uses Leitmann's 1961 result that the optimal
 acceleration profile is linear in time. Optimal: Constrained fuel and
 time, maximized distance OR constrained distance and time, minimized
 fuel OR constrained constrained fuel and distance, minimized time.

   a(t) = A*(tF-tau-t)

 a is acceleration, A is a constant, tau is a constant, t is mission time,
 tF is the final time.
 Type SLPLFindDistance for a demo.

   [dF,A,tau] = SLPLFindDistance( tF, Pj, vF, mDry, m0 )

   tF      (1,:) Final time (s)
   Pj      (1,:) Jet power (eta*P, eta*sigma*mE) (W)
   vF      (1,:) Final velocity (km/s).
                 Rendezvous/insertion: vF = 0.
                 Intercept/flyby: vF = [], unconstrained
   mDry    (1,:) Dry mass: Engine, payload, tanks, structure (kg)
   m0      (1,:) Initial (wet) mass (kg)

   dF      (1,:) Final distance (km)
   A       (1,:) Acceleration scale parameter, (m/s^3)
   tau     (1,:) Time between turnaround and tF (s)

   Reference: Leitmann, George. "Minimum Transfer Time for a Power-Limited
              Rocket." Journal of Applied Mechanics 28, no. 2 (June 1,
              1961): 171-78.
   See also: SLPLTrajectory


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