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% Three impulse orbit transfer.
   Computes the delta-v needed to go from a transfer orbit
   to a final orbit with a plane change in three impulses.
   Generally n should be as large as possible but this will
   run into the law of diminishing returns and operational

   Since version 1.
   [dv, dv12, dv23, dv34, e2, e3, theta] = Tfr3Imp( e1, a1, e4, a4, n, i1, i4 ,mu )

   e1                     Eccentricity of the first orbit
   a1                     Semi-major axis of the first orbit
   e4                     Eccentricity of the final orbit
   a4                     Semi-major axis of the final orbit
   n                      Ratio of intermediate apogee to final apogee
   i1                     Initial inclination (deg)
   i4                     Final inclination (deg)
   mu                     Gravitational parameter

   dv                     Total delta v
   dv12                   Delta v for first burn
   dv23                   Delta v for second burn
   dv34                   Delta v for third burn
   e2                     Eccentricity of second orbit
   e3                     Eccentricity of third orbit
   theta                  Angle of 2nd delta-v (deg)

	References:  Kaplan, M., Modern Spacecraft Dynamics and Control, John
                Wiley, p. 87.


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