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% Computes the right hand side of the variational equations (tangential)
 Based on the equinoctial formulation with the acceleration in tangential
 coordinates. These equations are singular when i = pi/2 and/or h = 0.

 See also CT2REq and VarEqP.
   dEqDt = VarEqT( eq, aT, tol, mu )

   eq                    Elements vector [a,P1,P2,Q1,Q2,l]
   aT                    Tangential disturbance vector [tangent;normal;z]
                           (default is zeros)
   tol                   Tolerance for the Kepler equation solver (0.0001)
   mu                    Gravitational parameter (3.98600436e5)

   dEqDt                 Derivative to the elements

   References: Battin, R.H., An Introduction to the Methods and Mathematics
               of Astrodynamics, AIAA, New York, 1987, pp. 492-493.


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