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% Compute (VF,gammaF) at hF from (V0,gamma0) at h0. 
 Given the initial velocity, altitude and flight path angle, compute the
 angular momentum, semi-major axis and eccentricity, as well as velocity and
 flight path angle at a second altitude.
   [H,a,e,V2,fpa2] = VelAltFpaToHAE( V, h, fpa, h2, mu, R )

   V             (1,1)    Velocity magnitude                       (km/s)
   h             (1,1)    Altitude                                 (km)
   fpa           (1,1)    Flight path angle                        (rad)
   h2            (1,1)    Second altitude to compute V2,fpa2 for   (rad)
   mu            (1,1)    Gravitational constant
   R             (1,1)    Planet equatorial radius

   H             (1,1)    Angular momentum                 (km^2/s)
   a             (1,1)    Semi-major axis                  (km)
   e             (1,1)    Eccentricity
   V2            (1,1)    Velocity at altitude h2          (km/s)
   fpa2          (1,1)    Flight path angle at altitude h2 (rad)



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