Path: SC/Ephem

% Interpolate a planet's state for a given Julian Date.
 Uses the JPL ephemeris files. The returned state is measured from the solar
 system barycenter and in the Earth equatorial frame. Can be initialized with
 the binary file name by passing empty for the other inputs, then future calls
 may omit the file name. The initialization status can be checked with a single
 empty input.

 A binary file can be generated from a text file (ex. ascp2000.405) 
 using the tool EphemUtil, available via ftp:

 in the folder C-versions/hoffman. You must compile the tool for your

 Visit for more information
 about these ephemerides.
   [X, GM] = InterpolateState( target, time, fileName )
   status = InterpolateState( [], [], fileName )
   status = InterpolateState( [] )

   1. Mercury
   2. Venus
   3. Earth-Moon Barycenter
   4. Mars
   5. Jupiter
   6. Saturn
   7. Uranus
   8. Neptune
   9. Pluto
   10. Geocentric Moon
   11. Sun


   Target    (1,1)       Planet ID
   Time      (1,1)       Julian date (days)
   fileName   (:)        Binary file name if not initialized

   X         (6,1)       Planetary state vector, Earth mean equatorial frame
   GM        (1,1)       Corresponding gravitational parameter (km3/s2)



SC: SCData/bin2000
Common: Time/DTSToDTA
Common: Time/Date2JD
Common: Time/JD2000

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