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% Computes the position vectors of the planets as a function of time.
   If no outputs are given will plot the positions of the input planets.
   If no inputs are given it will compute the vectors for the entire
   solar system. If T is not input, it will compute a vector of T's
   long enough to show the complete orbit of the outermost planet.
   Input data can be obtained from Planets.

   If T is omitted in either form it will generate a T to cover the
   orbital period of all of the planets. The second form handles the data
   structure output of Planets which is d.iv, ...

   [rx0, ry0, rz0, vx, vy, vz] = SolarSys( iv, Wv, wv, av, ev, Lv, name, jdref, T )
   [rx0, ry0, rz0, vx, vy, vz] = SolarSys( d, T )

   iv            (n,2)   Inclination wrt ecliptic plane     (rad)
   Wv            (n,2)   Longitude of ascending node wrt vernal equinox  (rad)
   wv            (n,2)   Argument of perhelion      (rad)
   av            (n,2)   Mean distance (au)
   ev            (n,2)   Eccentricity
   Lv            (n,3)   Mean longitude (rad)
   name          (n,:)   Name of planet
   jdref         (1,1)   Reference Julian date
     - OR - 
   d              (:)    Data structure with above fields
   T             (1,:)   Julian centuries from J2000.0   (centuries)

   rx0           (n,:)   x component,  one row per planet (au)
   ry0           (n,:)   y component,  one row per planet (au) 
   rz0           (n,:)   z component,  one row per planet (au) 
   vx            (n,:)   vx component, one row per planet (km/s) 
   vy            (n,:)   vy component, one row per planet (km/s) 
   vz            (n,:)   vz component, one row per planet (km/s)  
                    n is the number of planets

   See also: Planets, PlanetPosition


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