Spacecraft Control Bundle 1
Spacecraft Control System API


This project contains all of the software for the Spacecraft Control System. It includes both the software to interface with the sensors and software to control the spacecraft.

The Spacecraft Control System is a zero momentum system. It employs 3 reaction wheels for attitude pointing and three orthogonal magnetic torquers for momentum unloading. Attitude determination uses a combination of star camera, magnetometer and current measurements from the solar panels. The dynamics base for attitude determination is a rate gyro.

The interfaces provided are for the DSim simulation. The Spacecraft Package API is included by reference. Many of the control classes are implemented in the SCControl library, also referenced.

Hardware interfaces can be incorporated into the ControlDeck by writing modules that utilize the hardware drivers and provide the same outputs.


This module calls each module in sequence based on the acs_control_period_command. Each module is called every time period. This can be modified as you deem necessary for your spacecraft. For the list of events see Event Trigger Macros.

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