Spacecraft Models Package 2.0
Spacecraft Models for DSim
Spacecraft Package API

Welcome to the API documentation for the Spacecraft Package for DSim, Version 2. This simulation package for VisualCommander enables you to simulate spacecraft control systems including sensors and actuators, attitude and orbit dynamics. The models are written as C++ classes that derive from DSim base classes. The models make use of the Spacecraft Control framework, which has its own API. Use the DSimManager app to create simulations from this package using drag and drop!

The models are fairly general and suitable for preliminary spacecraft design and analysis. They cover all the major subsystems. Simulation models include:

  • Power components: battery, solar panels, networks
  • Sensors: cameras and imagers, IMU, horizon sensor, sun sensor, magnetometer, GPS receiver, star tracker
  • Actuators: blowdown propulsion model, torquers, reaction wheels
  • Space environment and disturbances
  • Central body and harmonic gravity models
  • Communications: antenna, links, ISL, ground station
  • Isothermal and generic thermal models
  • Rigid body and gyrostat dynamics

This API gives the DSim parameters and outputs for each model. The Modules page lists the models grouped by subsystem. The Classes page lists all the models in the package.

Simulation Nomenclature

This page provides a set of nomenclature used throughout the package. This enables DSim to easily find and connect variables.

  • mass, double mass
  • inertia, 3x3 inertia matrix
  • center of mass: center_mass, 3x1 vector
  • position, 3x1 position vector
  • velocity, 3x1 velocity vector
  • quaternion, 4x1 vector
  • body rates: bodyRate, 3x1 vector

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