Path: AerospaceUtils/ComponentModels

% Get vertices and faces for an antenna CAD component.
 The vertices are defined as x width, y width, d depth,
 u boresight and t is the unit vector along x.
 Patch means graphical object.

 Type AntennaPatch for a demo.

 Since version 2.
   [v, f] = AntennaPatch( x, y, d, theta, u, t, n )

   x           (1,1) X width
   y           (1,1) Y width
   d           (1,1) Depth
   theta       (1,1) Angle that represents the part of a sphere (rad)
   u           (3,1) Boresight unit vector
   t           (3,1) X axis unit vector
   n           (1,1) Number of divisions

   v           (:,3) Vertices
   f           (:,3) Faces



Common: CommonData/SwooshWatermark
Common: ComponentModels/Box
Common: ComponentModels/GeomPatch
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Math: Linear/Cross
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