Path: AerospaceUtils/CAD

% Creates power and mass reports from a CAD model.

 It will create HTML tables or formatted output. If the fileName is not
 entered it will print to the command window. This doesn't make much
 sense with HTML or latex tables. If you enter any value for
 bySubsystem it will organize components by subsystem with subtotals.
 Any component not in a subsystem will be lumped into "Miscellaneous."

 The mass and power reports will list all components with a total row.
 The html, pdf, and matlab reports will list any files that have been
 associated with each component. Summary only will print just the total

 See also: CreateHTMLTable, CreateLatexTable
   CreateReport( g, type, fileName, report, bySubsystem, noZero, summary )

   g               (1,1)  Component data structure
   type            (1,:)  'html', 'tex' or 'txt'
   fileName        (1,:)  Filename
   report          (1,:)  'mass', 'power', 'html', 'pdf', 'matlab'
   bySubsystem     (1,1)  Print by subystem
   noZero          (1,1)  1 means omit items with 0 value
   summary         (1,1)  1 means summary report only




Common: General/ColumnSizeCellArray
Common: General/CreateHTMLTable
Common: General/CreateLatexTable

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