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% Get vertices and faces for a single or double delta wing CAD model.

 y is vertical, x is along the chord and z is along the span.
 z1 is the spanwise location of the break in z2 is the spanwise
 location of the wing tip. n is the  number of z divisions. The
 wing is an ellipsoidal front determined by lERatio. For a delta
 wing make angle1 = angle2 and z1 = z2. Angles are from the span
 vector. The taper fraction is the ratio of tip chord to 
 root chord. The wing thickness is always 1. The leading edge of the
 root is at x = 0; the trailing edge is always at negative x.

 Type DeltaWing for a demo.
   [v, f] = DeltaWing( angle1, angle2, angleTE, z1, z2, xTE,
                       n, lERatio, taper, tRatio )

   angle1     (1,1) Angle of the first section (deg)
   angle2     (1,1) Angle of the second section (deg)
   angleTE    (1,1) Trailing edge angle
   z1         (1,1) Spanwise break of the first section
   z2         (1,1) Wing tip
   xTE        (1,1) X of the trailing edge
   n          (1,1) Number of spanwise sections
   lERatio    (1,1) Leading edge x to y ratio
   taper      (1,1) Ratio of root to tip
   tRatio     (1,1) Ratio of thickness to chord at root

   v           (:,3)  Vertices
   f           (:,3)  Faces



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