Path: AerospaceUtils/CAD

% Draw the spacecraft CAD components in a 2D representation.
 To initialize:

   tag = Draw2DViewPlugIn( 'initialize', g, hFig, position )

 * g is the spacecraft CAD data structure. 
 * hFig is the handle to the figure window
 * position is an array [left bottom width height] which gives the position
          of the plugin in the window

 If hFig is not entered it will create a new window. You need to save tag
 for subsequent calls. To pass new information to the plugin use:

   Draw2DViewPlugIn( 'update', tag, g )

 To erase:

   Draw2DViewPlugIn( 'erase', tag )

 To redraw:

   Draw2DViewPlugIn( 'draw', tag )

 To close the display type:

   Draw2DViewPlugIn( 'quit', tag )

 Type Draw2DViewPlugIn for demo.
   Draw2DViewPlugIn( action, modifier, hFig, position )

   action      (1,:)  Action
   modifier    (1,:)  Modifier to the action
   hFig        (1,1)  Handle to the figure or if 'update' is jD
   position    (1,4)  [left bottom width height]

   tag         (1,:)  The tag that identifies the display   



SC: SCModels/TwoArraySC
Common: General/CloseFigure
Math: Linear/DupVect

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