Path: AerospaceUtils/CAD

% Create a mass budget for a flight vehicle.

 The function uses the mass data structure which is


 The type is the type of vehicle for computations.

 If type is entered for a component it will look for a model. If there
 are any models that depend on the total vehicle mass (such as landing
 gear) the mass properties will be computed recursively

 Available types:

 * 'military aircraft'
 * 'commercial aircraft'
 * 'satellite'

 If fileName is entered it generates a file 'fileName.tex' with the
 contents of a latex formatted table. You can add this directly to
 your latex file.

 If you type in MassBudget you will get results for a satellite and/or aircraft
 example depending on whether you have the Spacecraft or Aircraft Control
   m = MassBudget( c, type, fileName, nIts )

   c        (:)   Data structure array
                  .name      (1,:) Name of component
                  .type      (1,:) Type of component
                  .mass      (1,1) Mass of component
                  .inertia   (3,3) Inertia of component
                  .pos       (3,1) Position
                  .param     (1,:) Parameters (varies with type)
                  .subsystem (1,:) Subsystem name
                  .compute   (1,1) If 1 compute from a model
   type     (1,:) Type of vehicle for computed properties
                   'spacecraft'  or 'aircraft'
   fileName (1,:) File name for latex file
   nIts     (1,1) Number of iterations

   m        (.)  Mass data structure with total mass

 See also: AircraftGroupDataStructure, AircraftGroupMass, SatelliteSubsystemMass


AC: Aircraft/AircraftGroupDataStructure
AC: Aircraft/AircraftGroupMass
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