Path: AerospaceUtils/Coord

% Finds a quaternion with u1 aligned with u1ECI and u2 close to u2ECI.
 This is useful for when you need to point a thruster along an acceleration
 vector and a sensor near nadir.

 Type QFrom2U for a demo. It takes two vectors, [0;1;0] and [0;0;1]
 and aligns them with ECI [1;0;0] and [0;1;0]. This is a case when
 it will be exact.
 	q = QFrom2U( u1ECI, u2ECO, u1, u2 )

   u1ECI       (3,1) Vector that u1S must be aligned with
   u2ECI       (3,1) Vector that should be close to u2
   u1          (3,1) Vector in the body frame
   u2          (3,1) Second vector in the body frame

   qECIToBody  (4,1) Quaternion



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