Path: AerospaceUtils/ComponentModels

% Get CAD vertices and properties for a specific RWA model.
 Dimensions are in meters. If no outputs are given it will draw the
 wheel. Available types are: 

       'hr60'   (default)
   [v, f, p] = RWAModel( type, u )
   [v, f, p] = RWAModel( r, u )

   r           (1,:) Type string or struct with following fields:
                     ('r','rTop','rBottom','hTop','hCenter','hBottom', 'u')
   u           (3,1) Unit vector if r is a string.

   v           (:,3) Vertices
   f           (:,3) Faces
   p            (.)  Properties data structure
                       mass  (.)
                       power (.)



AerospaceUtils: CAD/GenericProperties
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