Path: AerospaceUtils/ComponentModels

% Get CAD vertices and faces for a single-axis control moment gyro.
 See also ExtrudeFromProfile and Frustrum.

 Type SCMG for a demo.
   [vR, fR, vG, fG] = SCMG( rR, rG, hR, hG, n )

   type     (1,:) Battery type 'lion' only
   el       (1,6) Elements vector [a,i,W,w,e,M] or structure
   planet   (1,:) Name of planet
   jD       (1,1) Julian date (days)
   powerMax (1,1) Maximum power from the solar panels (W)

   vR       (:,3) Vertices for extrusion
   fR       (:,3) Faces for extrusion
   vG       (:,3) Vertices for frustrum
   fG       (:,3) Faces for frustrum



AerospaceUtils: CAD/DrawPatch
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Math: Linear/Mag

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