Path: AerospaceUtils/ComponentModels

% Get  vertices and faces for the SHELS Interface CAD components. 
 SHELS is Space Shuttle Hitchhiker Ejection Launch System. This includes the
 Marman clamp flange and the umbilical interfaces. Each is generated as a
 separate object.

 Type SHELSInterface for a demo.
   [vF, fF, vPI, fPI, vSI, fSI, volFlange] = SHELSInterface


   vF         (:,3) Vertices for the flange
   fF         (:,3) Faces for the flange
   vPI        (:,3) Vertices for the power interface
   fPI        (:,3) Faces for the power interface
   vSI        (:,3) Vertices for the signal interface
   fSI        (:,3) Faces for the signal interface
   volFlange  (1,1) Volume of the flange

   Reference: SHELS Users Guide. SSPP-SPEC-040. Revised Dec. 1999.


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