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% Cost function for 2D low thrust trajectory optimization.
 It computes an err magnitude that the optimizer uses to find the minimum.
 This function is for the planar orbit problem which includes radial
 position, radial velocity, tangential velocity and mass. This function is
 specifically for the minimum time problem.
   [errMag, err, x, t] = CostLowThrust2D( lambda, d )
   d = CostLowThrust2D( 'get' )

   lambda         (3,1)  Costates [r;dr/dt;drtheta/dt]
   d               (.)   Structure
                         .rhsFun      (1,:) Associated RHS function for optimizer
                         .plotFun     (1,:) Associated plot function for optimizer
                         .thrust      (1,1) Thrust magnitude       
                         .x0          (1,4) Initial state, [r;v;mF]
                         .mDot        (1,1) Mass derivative
                         .x0          (3,1) Initial state from optimizer
                         .xF          (3,1) Final state from optimizer
                         .tEnd        (1,1) Final time from opimizer
                         .data.absTol (1,1) ode113 parameter
                         .data.relTol (1,1) ode113 parameter
                         .errorScale  (3,1) Weights on the errors

   errMag         (1,:)  Magnitude of the error
   err            (4,1)  [costates;transversality condition]
   x              (:,n)  States [r;u;v;m;lambda;theta]
   t              (1,n)  Time



Orbit: Optimization/FLowThrust2D
Orbit: Optimization/Plot2DTrajectory
SC: Ephem/Planets
Common: Database/Constant
Math: Linear/Dot
Math: Linear/DupVect
Math: Linear/Mag

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