Path: Orbit/RHSOrbit

% High fidelity orbit model designed to work with ode113.

 Inputs to this function are in the data structure d:

   1. The primary planet about which the spacecraft is orbiting
   2. Julian date in days

   3. Models:
      Thrust model
      Solar Pressure model
      Aerodynamic model

      Each model has three inputs
      1. Flag (1 == on)
      2. Tag to the GUI (see the example functions)
      3. Function name
   4. Propagate earth fixed flag (1 == true)
   5. Propagate ECI reference to earth fixed at start (1 == true)
   6. Data structure for the stopping condition (not needed if you aren't using
      stopping conditions.
   7. Number of tesseral and sectoral harmonics
   8. Number of zonal (0,2,3, ...)
   9. Planetary accelerations on (for the earth/moon/sun system only)
  10. Gravity model data structure

   vargout = FOrbHF2( t, x, flag, d )

   t                      Time
   x             (6,1)    The state vector [x;y;z;dx/dt;dy/dt;dz/dt]
   flag          (1,:)    Flags for ode113
   d             (1,1)    Data structure
                          .planet            		(1,:)   Planet name string
                          .jD                		(1,1)   Julian date (days)
                          .thrustModelOn     		(1,1)   Thrust function flag
                          .thrustFunction    		(1,:)   Thrust function name
                          .thrustFunctionTag 		(1,1)   Thrust function tag
                          .solarModelOn      		(1,1)   Solar function flag
                          .solarFunction     		(1,:)   Solar function name
                          .solarFunctionTag  		(1,1)   Solar function tag
                          .aeroModelOn       		(1,1)   Aero function flag
                          .aeroFunction      		(1,:)   Aero function name
                          .aeroFunctionTag   		(1,1)   Aero function tag
                          .propagateEF       		(1,1)   Propagate earth-fixed flag
                          .propagateECIR     		(1,1)   Propagate ECIR flag
                          .stopping          		(:)     Stopping condition data structure
                          .nTess             		(1,1)   Number of tesseral harmonics
                          .nZonal            		(1,1)   Number of zonal harmonics
                          .planetaryDisturbancesOn (1,1)   Turn on planetary disturbances for earth/moon/sun system
                          .gravityModel  (1,1)    
                            .s           (36,36)  S terms
                            .c           (36,36)  C terms
                            .j              (36)  m = 0 terms
                            .mu                   Gravitational parameter (km^3/sec^2)
                            .a                    Earth radius
                            .name                 Planet name

   xDot           (6,1)     The state vector derivative [x;y;z;dx/dt;dy/dt;dz/dt]



AerospaceUtils: AtmosphericCalculations/AtmDens1
AerospaceUtils: AtmosphericCalculations/AtmDens2
AerospaceUtils: Coord/EFToLatLonAlt
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/AGravity
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/PlanetaryAccelerations
Orbit: OrbitPropagator/StoppingConditions
SC: BasicOrbit/FOrbCart
SC: Ephem/ECIToPlanet
SC: Ephem/SunV1
Common: Transform/RPhiTheta2Cart
Math: Linear/Mag

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