Path: Orbit/RHSOrbit

% Computes the right hand side of the variational equations.

   Since version 1.
   xDot = FVarEq( x, t, eType, aD, tol, mu )

   x                     Elements vector [a;i;W;w;e;M] or [a;P1;P2;Q1;Q2;l]
   t                     Current time (for use with RK4)
   eType                 'eqt','eqp','elt','elp' where
                           'eq' --> equinoctial
                           'el' --> elements (Gauss formulation)
                           't'  --> tangential
                           'p'  --> polar
   aD                    Disturbance vector [tangent;normal;z]
   tol                   Tolerance for Kepler's equation solver
   mu                    Gravitational parameter

   xDot                  Derivative of the elements



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