Path: Orbit/OrbitSim

% High fidelity orbit simulation with drag and planetary perturbations.

 - Spherical harmonic earth gravitational model
 - Sun and moon
 - Atmospheric drag

 If t is omitted one orbit will be computed with 100 points.
 If jD is omitted a Keplerian orbit will be generated.
 If options is omitted the simplified model will be used.

   If no outputs are specified it will plot the orbit and the deviation
   from a Keplerian orbit.


   Highest zonal harmonic    - 0 through n
   Highest tesseral harmonic - 0 through m
   Sun                       - 0 equals off, 1 equals on
   Moon                      - 0 equals off, 1 equals on
   Drag                      - CD*A/m

 Type RVOrbHF for a demo with the EGM50x50 model. The otput is compared to
 Kepler propagation using RVOrbGen.
   [rP, vP] = RVOrbHF( r, v, jD, options, t, aExt, tol, gM )
   [rP, vP] = RVOrbHF( r, v, jD, options, t, aExt, tol, s, c, j, mu, a )

   r             (3,1)  Initial position vector (km)
   v             (3,1)  Initial velocity vector (km)
   jD                   Julian date of the start
   options         (5)  [Highest zonal harmonic,Highest tesseral harmonic,Sun,Moon,Drag] 
   t               (n)  Times at which the new r and v are to be computed;
                           need not be uniform
   aExt        (3,n|1)  External acceleration vector [x;y;z] ECI
   tol                  Tolerance for the integration
   d               (.)  Gravity model struct, unnormalized
      - or -
   s             (:,:)  S terms
   c             (:,:)  C terms
   j               (:)  m = 0 terms
   mu                   Gravitational parameter (km^3/sec^2)
   a                    Earth radius

   rP                  Position vectors at times t
   vP                  Velocity vectors at times t

   See also: FOrbHF, RK45, RV2El


Orbit: GravityModels/EGM50x50
Orbit: GravityModels/LoadGEM
Orbit: GravityModels/UnnormalizeGravity
Orbit: OrbitMechanics/RVOrbGen
Orbit: RHSOrbit/FOrbHF
SC: BasicOrbit/E2M
SC: BasicOrbit/El2RV
SC: BasicOrbit/Nu2E
SC: BasicOrbit/RV2El
SC: Ephem/SunV1
Common: Graphics/AxesCart
Common: Graphics/Axis3D
Common: Graphics/NewFig
Common: Graphics/Plot2D
Common: Graphics/TimeLabl
Common: Graphics/XLabelS
Common: Graphics/YLabelS
Common: Graphics/ZLabelS
Common: Time/JD2000
Math: Integration/RK45
Math: Linear/DupVect

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