Path: Orbit/OrbitControl

% Converts the transfer time to delta-V for a rendezvous. 
   Uses the MATLAB function fmins to optimize the start and transfer times 
   for the maneuver. Draws a figure for no outputs.
   See also LambertOpt.
   maneuver  = TransferTimeToDV( elT, elC, transferTime, mu, tol, planet )
   maneuver  = TransferTimeToDV

   elT           (6,1)   Target orbit elements for current position
   elC           (6,1)   Chase orbit elements for current position
   transferTime  (1,2)   Transfer times [nominal max]
   mu            (1,1)   Gravitational parameter*
   tol           (1,1)   Tolerance*
   planet        (:)     Orbit center*
                            * Optional

   maneuver      (1,1)    Maneuver data structure
                          .dV1       (1,1) Transfer orbit insertion delta-V
                          .dV2       (1,1) Target orbit insertion delta-V
                          .tStart    (1,1) Start time relative to epoch
                          .tTransfer (1,1) Time in transfer orbit
                          .u         (3,2) Unit vectors of thrust



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