Path: AerospaceUtils/CAD

% Load a 3D CAD file. Handles .dxf, .obj and .3DMF files.
 If format is entered and file does not have a suffix (.dxf, .obj or
 .3DMF) it will be appended. For example, if you enter

   LoadCAD( 'myFile.dxf' )        or
   LoadCAD( 'myFile','','dxf' )

 LoadCAD will open myFile.dxf. If you want to scale the units of the
 model, for example from vertex units to inches, you can define the
 factor using kScale.

 If you call the function with no outputs it will draw the model. If you call
 the function with an empty filename you can select a file using the dialog
 box. For a demo of an OBJ file, type LoadCAD.

 If you want to use the model data in BuildCADModel, pass the component
 vertex (v) and face (f) fields to a generic component.

   m = CreateComponent( 'make', 'generic', 'vertex', v, 'face', f ... )

   g = LoadCAD( file, path, format, kScale )
   LoadCAD        % Demo
   LoadCAD( [] )  % Dialog box


   file        (1,:) Filename
   path        (1,:) Path to the file
   format      (1,:) Format 'dxf', 'obj', '3DMF'
   kScale      (1,1) Optional scale factor of the model

   g           (1,1) Data structure
                     .name       (1,:)  Model name
                     .component   (:)   Component structure
                     .radius     (1,1)  Maximum radius of the object



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