Path: AerospaceUtils/CAD

% Create a CAD component. This function has a built-in demo. 

 Available calls which return help information are:

 m     = CreateComponent()  Returns a demo component
 types = CreateComponent( 'type' ) Lists all available component types
 param = CreateComponent( 'parameter', type ) Lists all parameters for type
 param = CreateComponent( type ) also lists all parameters
         CreateComponent( 'inputs' ), additional generic inputs
         CreateComponent( 'colors' ), creates a GUI with named colors

 The call to create a component is:

 m = CreateComponent( 'make', type, param1, val1, ..., paramN, valN )

 This function creates the data structure for the component using the parameter 
 pairs param1,val1 through paramN,valN. m can be input to BuildCADModel.
 The common parameter structures are:
    'thermal' 'mass' 'power' 'optical' 'infrared' 'aero' 'rf' 
     'magnetic' 'propulsion' 'graphics'

 - The last action creates a GUI with available named colors.
 - Note that the parameter 'mass' may be a mass structure (mass, cM, inertia).
 - Components are all inside by default (inside=1).
 - The parameter 'n', number of divisions, is optional in many geometric
   primitives, such as sphere and cylinder.
 - Specifying a named color will override both the graphics and optical
   properties. If this is not the desired behavior specify an RGB triple
 - Specify a 'generic' component to enter just vertices ('vertex') and faces ('face').
 - Specify an 'empty' component for the default data structure.

 See also GenericProperties, DeviceProperties, and OpticalSurfaceProperties.

   m = CreateComponent( action, type, varargin )

   action        ':'    Action 'type', 'parameters', 'make'
   type         (1,:)   Type of component
   varargin     (:,:)   Parameter pairs

   m             (.)    Component data structure



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