Path: AerospaceUtils/Coord

% Convert roll, pitch, r and v to QECIToBody 
 The spacecraft is assumed aligned with LVLH when roll and pitch are zero.
 Roll is about the LVLH x vector and Pitch about the LVLH y vector.

 Type RollPitchToQECI for a demonstration.
  q = RollPitchToQECI( r, v, roll, pitch )

   r     	(3,:)   Position vector in the ECI frame (km)
   v     	(3,:)   Velocity vector in the ECI frame (km)
   roll   	(1,:)   Roll angle (rad)
   pitch 	(1,:)   Pitch angle (rad)

   q      	(4,:)   Quaternion ECI to Body



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