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% Set CAD model rotations using parameter/value pairs.
 Specify one body per call. Specify either a quaternion, angle/axis pair, or
 a transformation matrix for a body hinge. The information is stored in the
 bHinge field of the specified body, g.body(k).bHinge

 Inertial data can be passed as well. When specifying the inertial state, the
 LVLH quaternion will be computed automatically if the position and velocity
 are both entered. Otherwise an LVLH quaternion may be specified separately.

 The examples below show some possibilities. Specify one body per call to the
 function but list as many parameters as desired.
   g = SetCADRotation( g, varargin )

   Hinge data:
   g = SetCADRotation( g, 'body', k, ...
                          'quaternion', q )         % no transpose
   g = SetCADRotation( g, 'body', k, ...
                          'axis', j, ...
                          'angle', theta )
   g = SetCADRotation( g, 'body', k, ...
                          'matrix', b )

   Inertial data:
   g = SetCADRotation( g, 'position', rECI, ...
                          'velocity', vECI )
   g = SetCADRotation( g, 'attitude', qECIToBody )   % takes transpose
   g = SetCADRotation( g, 'qlvlh',    qLVLH )
  See also BHinge, SetCADQuaternion, SetCADState


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