Path: Orbit/OrbitManeuver

% Delta-V needed to control the longitudinal acceleration in geo. 
 Computes the delta-v needed per year to control the longitudinal
 acceleration due to the Earth triaxial gravitational harmonics in
 geosynchronous orbit. 

 The time between maneuvers will be infinite at the stable points.

 If the gravitational parameters are not entered it will load the GEM-T1 model.
 The model coefficients should be unnormalized.

 Type DVGeoTrx for a demo.
   [dV, acc, dT] = DVGeoTrx( lon, box, s, c, j, mu, a )

   lon         (1,:)    East longitude (deg)
   box         (1,1)    Stationkeeping box (deg)
   s           (36,36)  S terms
   c           (36,36)  C terms
   j              (36)  m = 0 terms
   mu          (1,1)    Spherical gravitational potential
   a           (1,1)    Earth radius

   dV          (1,:)    Total delta v per year (m/sec)
   acc         (1,:)    Acceleration (deg/day^2)
   dT          (1,:)    Time between maneuvers



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